Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Holiday Bonus From MMM Nigeria: + 20% On All Contributions Made Before January 1

MMM is not a bank, not a business or an investment. No central account, where all the system’s money flow to. MMM does not collect your money. MMM is a mutual financial network, where people help each other. Participants give help by transferring the money to other participants directly. You don’t have to make contracts or pledge your property.

So let's get back to the money part, MMM Nigeria is giving out holiday bonus which will be displayed in the Mavro section of your Personal Office as Accrule Bonus.

On the occasion of the up coming holidays, MMM Nigeria is introducing a bonus of 20% on all contributions made from now to January 1.

Holiday Bonus Terms:
  1. The bonus is frozen for a month after the PH-request is created.
  2. The bonus will be granted only for “new” money. It means, if you created a request to get help after December 7 and later you provided help for the amount you withdrew, you will not get the bonus.
  3. You should not create a request to get help until the bonus is unfrozen (this will be after one month of providing help). Otherwise, the bonus will disappear.
These conditions are necessary. Otherwise members will repeatedly withdraw the money and provide help for the same amount many times in order to get the bonus. So, if you want to receive the bonus, you should not create a GH-request from December 7 until the moment the bonus is unfrozen.

Who are those eligible for this holiday bonus?

1. If you register and Provide Help between now and 1st of January 2017, you will get additional 20% accrule bonus, registration bonus and 30% Mavro reward plus your initial  donation.

2. For existing participant, if you Provide Help between now and 1st of January 2017, you will get additional 20% accrule bonus and 30% Mavro reward plus your initial  donation.

To join MMM Nigeria today and be a part of this benefits, all you need are;
  • A valid email address.
  • Active phone number.
  • A bank account.
I am sure you can get all 3 in a minute, so don't hesitate to join now.

Click the link below to register;

Take a bold step today to achieve your financial freedom, and together we can change the world!!!

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