Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bovi gets surprise birthday party

Despite being all the way in America, Bovi’s wife, Kris Asimonye threw the popular comedian, Bovi a surprise birthday party in Lagos.

The lovely surprise party was all her idea but she got her sister to put her plan to fruition. Kris, who is currently in America to deliver their third child had everything properly arranged without giving Bovi any hint.

The plan was subtle and being miles away, it was hard for Bovi to suspect what was happening. The whole thing took him by surprise and being a sharp guy, he knew he missed this one. She then teased him on Instagram for not suspecting her plans.

She wrote:
“#aboutyesterday when the catcher got caught  @officialbovi you definitely got served. All your script-writing skills failed this time. Thank you my sweetheart @chigo126 for everything I love you forever my sweet sis.” 
“Oh thou almighty@officialbovi look how humble thou have become. Just like that??”
Check out more photos from the surprise birthday party;
Bovi’s face covered.
Bovi’s with family and friends.
Cake for the surprise party.
Bovi cutting his cake.
How lovely! Lucky man indeed.

Photo credit and culled from www.naij.com

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