Monday, March 14, 2016

#PSquareIsOver! Peter Okoye moves on with new management

Fans of the award-winning group, PSquare, have been going on a back and forth journey of – ‘is PSquare still together?’ and ‘Have PSquare broken up?’ for a while now.
#PSquareIsOver! Peter Okoye moves on with new management
Although there has been no news from either Peter or Paul’s camp, fans and observers have been fed subtle impressions proving they ‘just might be going solo’.

The speculation finally comes to an end today as Peter Okoye revealed he now has a new management.

It’s official PSquare fans, the group is over. We just hope they both do successfully as solo

‘Peter Okoye moves on’, isn’t something we expected to start the week with. Still, the deed has been done. Many fans are presently calling Peter and Paul out to let them know, they love the group and not the individuals.

It is a very tricky time at the moment for both brothers as they head-out on uncharted waters of solo-careers. What do you think? Will they make swim or sink?

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