Saturday, January 9, 2016

My estranged wife has forgiven me - 9ice

Following the extensive letter written by 9ice’s estranged wife and baby mama, Tony Payne revealing how she and the famous Nigerian music artist have forgiven one another, 9ice has boldly come to say, he is happy his wife has forgiven him.
My estranged wife has forgiven me - 9ice

In an interview with Punch, 9ice disclosed how extremely happy and fulfilled he feels as Tony Payne has forgiven him. Adding that despite their separation, they always keep in touch with each other.

He said:
“I saw the write-up my ex-wife posted on the internet where she wrote that she has forgiven me after six years. It is a very good development and I am happy she had forgiven me after all these years. Contrary to public opinion we have been friends all these while. The most important thing is that even when things are not working or they are not the way they should seem with a person, you should endeavor to remain friends with the person. That is very important. We are friends and we remain friends.”
Speaking on his little boy Zion, he disclosed that his son has always remained a brilliant young chap and a multi talented boy and is free to do anything he wishes to be in life.

9ice said:
“Zion can do anything and become anything he wants to be in life. He is into music, sport, science; he is a very brilliant child. Some time when I think of how much of a genius he is, I get scared. He is still a young chap and it is when he grows up that we can actually decide what career he should pursue. He is a multi talented kid.”
The couple got separated following allegations of cheating that came up from one of 9ice songs Once Bitten Twice Shy. The song not only destroyed Payne and 9ice marriage, it also destroyed the strong relationship between 9ice and Ruggedman.

Payne and 9ice got married on July 17, 2008 and got separated in 2010 shortly after the birth of their son, Zion.

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