Monday, November 16, 2015

Skye Bank Employees Lift Displaced People With Relief Materials

The outbreak of the Boko Haram insurgency, first in the North East of Nigeria, and then the attempt to spread it to the rest of Northern Nigeria, beginning from 2010, has created a major refugee crisis in the country. Indeed, the sheer number of people involved in the refugee crisis makes the Nigerian case the largest internal refugee crisis in the world!. No fewer than 2-3 million have been displaced from their ancestral homes by the insurgency.
Skye Bank Employees Lift Displaced People With Relief Materials
The affected people have lost husbands, wives, children, parents and relations. Those who managed to scamper to safety are at the mercy of kind hearted Nigerians and the elements as most of them do not have decent shelter over their
In the various camps where they have been resettled, many have died of diseases and hunger while some are in a state of acute deprivation and want. Even though all of them have expressed their desire to return to their ancestral homes, the massive pillage and desecration of their land by the insurgents have made the prospect of their immediate return anything but feasible.

As a show of concern and empathy for the plight of the internally displaced people in the country, employees of Skye Bank Plc have responded to the calls by concerned Nigerians that public spirited individuals and organisations should help the displaced people. employees of the bank last week donated relief materials worth N20 million to the displaced people in Nasarawa State and the Federal Capital Territory.

The bank workers under the aegis of the of the ‘Employees Volunteerism Project’, distributed relief materials to over 120 families consisting of about 800 individuals in New Karshi, Nasarawa State, in addition to reaching out to another 100 families of Chibok people at their camp in Kuje, Federaal Capital Territory.

The relief materials include 2000 bags of rice, 2000 bags of Indomie noodles, beverages, blankets, tooth paste, pampers, semovita, sanitary pads, among others. Skye Bank partnered with two non-governmental organisations that have been working with the displaced people, Likeminds Initiative and Ombus Organisation, to achieve the feat.
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