Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Leadership Promises - Explanation And Motivation

"Now David said on that day, 'Whoever climbs up by way of the water shaft and defeats the Jebusites . . . he shall be chief and captain . . .' Then David dwelt in the stronghold, and called it the City of David." 2 Samuel 5:8-9
Leadership Promises - Explanation And Motivation
Leadership Promises - Explanation And Motivation.
In this world of rapid change, the leader must be out in front to encourage change and growth and to show the way to bring it about.

Managers usually are more skilled in the technical requirements of change, whereas leaders have a better understanding of the attitudinal and motivational demands that the followers need. Note the difference: In the beginning, the skills of a leader are essential. No change will ever occur if the psychological needs are unmet. Once change has begun, the skills of a manager are needed to maintain needed change.

A good exercise when you face change is to make a list of the logical advantages and disadvantages that should result from the change, and then make another list indicating the psychological impact. Just seeing this on a sheet of paper can be clarifying.
Developing the Leader Within You. Good day!

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