Tuesday, January 13, 2015

God Has Revealed the Next President to Matthew Ashimowolo

If this interview is anything to go by, then a general overseer of a Kingsway International Christian Church Centre (KICC), Matthew Ashimowolo knows the the next president of Nigeria according to the Sunday Sun.
God Has Revealed the Next President to Matthew Ashimowolo
Pastor Matthew Ashimowolo.
The $6million net worth pastor also said the name of the winner won’t be disclosed so he could maintain his political neutrality.
“The Lord showed me, who will win the election. I will not men­tion his name, because I have to be politically neutral.”
However, the pastor also disclosed that 20 percent of the nation may not accept the result, but will later agree after vital negotiation. He also said Nigeria being made up of many nations wasn’t a mistake made by God but God’s will, stating that a prophetic mandate upholds the nationhood of the country.
“But when the president’s name is an­nounced, 20 percent of a certain part of the nation will not agree. Eventually, after negotiation, they will. We will agree that we’re one. Wales is only 400,000 people or about a million people. They call them a nation, and they call Yorubas who are 27 million a tribe, the Igbos who are 18 million, you call them a tribe. For us to have many nations that make up Nigeria, it was God that made it happen. And that prophetic mandate still remains on Nigeria. 
He also assured Nigerians that the effort to divide the country will come to no result and Nigeria will be at peace after the election. “Anyone who incites people to di­vide this nation will lose his chance. Nigeria will remain one. After all the noise, you will be amazed that also some politicians will be shocked, nobody will be ready to die for them. There will be peace in Nigeria after the election”.
He prophetically spoke of an anonymous who will transform Nigeria into a better country within a fixed period of time. “I see a man who will one day rise, but I don’t know when, I don’t think it’s up to 10 years though. He will turn the fortunes of Nigeria round. Nigeria will look like one of these advanced nations like United Arab Emirates, India, and China. That is how Nigeria will be”.

 I can't for this election to come and go, so that all the tension will finally be put to rest.

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