Thursday, December 11, 2014

Solidstar Denies Leaked BBM Chat With Timaya About Groupies

What's making rounds in the gossip square is the leaked BBM chat allegedly between Solidstar and Timaya where they talked about their sexual escapades that was about some groupies.
Solidstar Denies Leaked BBM Chat With Timaya About Groupies
Now Solidstar is claiming that the news was fake and nothing like that transpired between himself and  Timaya.

The two music stars allegedly chatted on how they had real good time with some groupie and the girls still hadn't had enough. They still wanted some more in the morning.

Timaya on the other hand seemed to be up to the task and  they both decided to meet in the elevator and have breakfast before getting back to the girls in the hotel to continue the business.

 The leaked chat evidently shows that the BBM accounts belonged to timaya and Solidstar. But solid star is insisting  that the whole BBM chat Leak was staged and non of the chat was real. He debunked the rumour on his Instagram page with the statement below:

'These 2 beautiful girls @sapnacc and @kellytwek are my very good friends and the alleged BBM chat that has been on all blogs today is not mine. I’m too responsible for that as well as Timaya. Someone made it up and I don’t know what the person’s intention is. Abeg ooh'
Culled from Daily Times Nigeria

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