Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Controversial Nigerian Sport Journalist Oma Akatugba's Post on Facebook Comparing Nigeria With Germany

As I relax on my bed with Tega already sleeping.I think about life in Europe vis a vis the life in Nigeria and Africa at large. I see how many Europeans or Germans as the case may be benefit a whole lot from their government in terms of basic support of a decent life.For example. If you work in Germany and let's say you earn 1000 Euros in a month and you loose your job.
Controversial Nigerian Sport Journalist Oma Akatugba's Post on Facebook Comparing Nigeria With Germany
Controversial Oma Akatugba.
The Government will pay you 70 % of your salary which could be 700 Euro in the first year that you are out of job and if in a year you don't get a job or you don't find because if you search you will get as Germany has 5% unemployment rate and the best economy in Europe then you start earning what they call Hartz IV which is social money to the tune 400 Euros which is around 80.000 and in addition you get money for a council flat.I know a man of 66 years old who worked and retired and now earns a pension of 1.000 Euros monthly about 200.000 which he pays some for his mortgage that will finish in 10 years time. He is able to live a good life with his family as his future his secured by a government that cares.

When you compare this same man with other pensioners in Nigeria,what comes to mind is some old people who served Nigeria with all their heart but dying in penury because the government have refused to give them their right. For example when you have a baby.the mother earns 400 Euros monthly while the baby gets 190 Euros per month which is about 40.000 Naira right from the day she was born. Let's not even talk about the high level of treatment she gets monthly and the hospital she was delivered for no cost. The same hospital where my daughter was delivered will cost me about 300.000 in Nigeria.

All these are made possible with tax payers money. The government takes from the people and gives back to them . In Europe when you pay your tax it's like saving for your future and that of your children . I have not talked about how they pay a jobless foreigner like me 400 Euro monthly the moment you get your paperwork done and they pay for you to attend a German school. When I compare this with my country where as a man you have to pay for your light, road, security, health care and still take care of your family without no Kobo for the government and even when you pay tax it goes into the pocket of looters who go around the world splashing wealth they never worked for. The Big question I always ask is how have we been coping in Nigeria? Are we strong people or we are just doing what Fela said "Suffering and smiling "?

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