Wednesday, October 8, 2014

So Sad ~ Google Deletes Linda Ikeji’s Blog From Blogger

I have to admit that I saw this coming, Google this afternoon finally removes Linda Ikeji's blog following  a lodged campaign of copyright infringement against her by some bloggers.
So Sad ~ Google Deletes Linda Ikeji’s Blog From Blogger
Linda Ikeji Posing With Her New 2014 Range Rover.
This is a massive blow to the multimillionaire blogger whose blog ranked 10 in Nigeria. Linda is expected to release a statement on this issue. Earlier in the day she told her readers that she’s been trying to get a domain name but most names she thought she could use are not available.

This is not a good news and I sympathise with her, but I believe her blog can still be returned by Google. I must add that using the free blogspot extension was a big mistake she could have avoided.

Google has just shut down one of the biggest blogs in the world that pulls in  millions of Naira monthly! I believe Linda Ikeji can still come back strong and better.

Wishing her all the luck she needs. Her big time followers can still hook up with her blog on mind you, this is a mobile version.

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