Thursday, October 30, 2014

Scientists Discover a New Test That Finds Ebola in 15 minutes

This would be a major break through  to checkmate the spread of Ebola, this test would cut down on days-long wait for diagnosis and this could be a game changer.

I just stumbled on this news few hours ago that some Tulane University scientists have created an Ebola diagnostic device that they say is as easy to use and nearly as fast as a home pregnancy test...*Amazing*
Scientists Discover a New Test That Finds Ebola in 15 minutes
Ebola Testing in 15 Minutes.
The potentially game-changing device, which takes only a drop of blood and 15 minutes to identify the disease, is awaiting federal approval before it can be used in West Africa. Doctors there say it is sorely needed to prevent people from spreading the deadly virus while they wait days for lab results.

Robert Garry, a professor of microbiology at Tulane, has teamed up with Corgenix, a Colorado-based company, to create the device with nearly $3 million in federal funds. They are awaiting a green light from the Food and Drug Administration to fast-track approval for its use in West Africa. Another company, Genalyte of San Diego, says it has developed a test that takes just 10 minutes and also needs only one drop of blood to diagnose.

The spread of Ebola should be reduced with this device and the cost shouldn't be a problem problem because the alarming death rate caused by Ebola virus disease in West africa.
Photo Credit: Matt Boisen Corgenix/Tulane

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