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Leadership Promises - Give Yourself, Not Just Your Opinion

"I have heard many such things; Miserable comforters are you all!"  Job 16:2
Leadership Promises - Give Yourself, Not Just Your Opinion
Leadership Promises - Give Yourself, Not Just Your Opinion.
Eliphaz, Bidad, and Zophar accused Job of acting foolishly, of speaking wrongly, of leading wickedly. But they never got their message across for two reasons: First, they didn't have all the facts; and second, they didn't practice the Law of Connection.

Many leaders are tempted to make the same mistakes. We voice our opinions even though we remain ignorant of important information and lack any heart connection to our audience. Job called his friends, "miserable comforters." Every good communicator seeks first to understand before being understood.
Note how they differ from public speakers:
                        Public Speaker              |             Communicator.
1. Seeks to be understood and liked          Seeks to understand and connect.
2. Asks: What do I have?                          Asks: What do they need?
3. Focuses on techniques.                          Focuses on atmosphere.
4. Is self-conscious.                                   Is audience-oriented.
5. Wants to complete the speech.              Wants to complete the people.
6. Content-oriented.                                   Change-oriented.
Excerpt from The Maxwell Leadership Bible.
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