Friday, June 20, 2014

Photos: The Mugshot of a Convicted Felon that is Driving Ladies Crazy

30 year old Jeremy Meeks, was one of four men arrested during raids in Stockton, California following a series of shootings and robberies. The charges against him are no laughing matter because according to the Stockton Police Department spokesman, Meeks is "one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area" and was arrested on five weapons charges and one gang charge. He is even being held on $900,000 bail.
Convicted Jeremy Meeks.
But, the unthinkable happened after Meek's photo was posted on the Internet by police.

In hours, Meek's photo quickly attracted 43,000 "likes" on Facebook and nearly 14,000 comments, MOSTLY from women who referred to his blue eyes and prominent cheekbones, saying "I'm in love with a criminal", "Can we be handcuffed together?", "He can kidnap me any day". Read the hilarious reactions below.

I don't really understand why the other three men arrested with Meeks, whose mugshots also appeared on the Stockton Police Facebook page, gained less than 20 comments between them.

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