Friday, June 6, 2014

Photos: 18 Year Old Girl Shot Twice, Thrown in Canal for Marrying the Man

As the world is still reeling from the gruesome death of a Pakistani woman who was stoned to death and had her head smashed by her family because she married for love, the trend of “honor killing’ has affected yet another victim.

18-year-old Saba Maqsood was attacked by her her father, uncle, brother and aunt and she was shot twice, put in a sack and thrown in a canal.

Luckily, the teenager survived the attack. Her crime was marrying a man she loved, a neighbor identified as Muhammad Qaiser.

According to police spokesperson Ali Akbar, the victim, Saba … married her neighbor Muhammad Qaiser for love five days ago against the wishes of her family. They took her to Hafizabad, shot her twice and threw her in the canal after putting her in a sack, presuming that she was dead.
Photos: 18 Year Old Girl Shot Twice, Thrown in Canal for Marrying the Man

‘Her relatives fled the scene, and after minutes in the water she regained consciousness and struggled to the bank, where passers-by helped her. She is a brave girl. She came out of the canal and approached a nearby fuel station from where a rescue team rushed her to hospital.

Saba told the police that her family was responsible for the attack. She said:
‘I was tortured and shot by my father Maqsood Ahmad, brother Faisal Maqsood, uncle Ashfaq Ahmad and his wife Sajida Bibi.”
An investigation has begun to the attack and the police are said to have visited the victim’s home but all the suspects had disappeared.

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