Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Leadership Promises - Motive Matters

"Mean-tempered leaders are like mad dogs; the good-natured are like fresh morning dew."  Proverbs 19:12 (The Message)
Leadership Promises - Motive Matters
Leadership Promises - Motive Matters.
 In a culture that sings the praises of individual gold medals and where a person fights for rights instead of focusing on responsibility, people tend to lose sight of the big picture. In fact, some people seem to believe that they are the entire picture: Everything revolves around their own needs, goals, and desires. I once saw this message on a T-shirt that expresses the attitude well: "My idea of a team is a whole lot of people doing what I tell them to do."

A team isn't supposed to be a bunch of people being used as a tool by one individual for their own selfish gain. Members of a team must have mutually beneficial shared goals. They must be motivated to work together, not manipulated by someone for individual glory. Anyone who is accustomed to pulling together people and using them to benefit only himself isn't a team builder; he's a dictator.
Excerpt from The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork
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