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Leadership Promises: Everyone's a Critic

"Then Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married; for he had married an Ethiopian woman."  Numbers 12:1
Picture Leadership Promises: Everyone's a Critic
Leadership Promises: Everyone's a Critic
Leaders can bank on two truths. First, they will be criticized. Second, criticism always changes the leader. Unhappy people tend to attack the point person.

Moses' only family criticized him. Notice what God and Moses teach us on how to handle criticism (Numbers 12):
1. Maintain your humility. (v. 3).
2. Face the criticism squarely. (v. 4).
3. Be specific about the issue. (v. 5-8).
4. Lay out consequences. (v. 9, 10).
5. Pray for the criticizers. (v. 12, 13).
6. Restore them when appropriate. (v. 14).

Beyond that, consider the ways leaders should handle criticism:
1. Understand the difference between constructive and destructive criticism.
2. Look beyond the criticism to see the critic.
3. Guard your own attitude toward the critic.
4. Keep yourself spiritually in shape. Associate with people of faith.
5. Wait for time to prove the critic wrong.
6. Concentrate on your mission; change your mistakes.

Excerpt from The Maxwell Leadership Bible
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