Saturday, March 15, 2014

Obesere's Marriage Still Unharmed Despite Rape Accusation

There were reports last week that Obesere's marriage was in trouble after a woman accused him of rape. Obesere said it wasn't rape, but consensual sex. Thing is, he's married and if it was indeed consensual sex, then it means he committed adultery.
Obesere's Marriage Still Unharmed Despite Rape Accusation
But despite that revelation, a close friend of the fuji musician said that although his wife was angry about the report, his marriage is still intact.
"His wife does not stay in Nigeria but in Ireland with the children. She comes into the country every three months to check on her husband. Like any human being, she was angry when she heard of the news. She is used to hearing such negative things about her husband but their marriage is still intact. There is no threat of divorce from his wife and there is no rancour between them.”

"Obesere has moved on with his life and was even given a brand new Mercedes Benz G-Wagon SUV by Buruji Kashamu on Sunday when he went to perform in his house for the Women’s Day celebration,” The source told Saturday Punch.


  1. He shouldn't be having sex with other women, he's a married man. That's adultery men! Anyways! good for him his marriage is still intact after raping another woman. Lol!

    1. Well, it is quite unfortunate that adultery is a hobby to some guys. Thanks for dropping your comment.


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